Up the creek with a paddle

Well lets just say, getting the boat ready for a potential cyclone was a MISSION !!!!

reversing back and fourth up a tiny creek with 0.4m of depth and things got a little intense. We took out a few too many mangrove trees and even a bank at one point. Our beast does not reverse, she may be able to sail up wind reasonably good, but ask her to reverse in a straight line and she will not do it.

getting in the thick of nature





The girls laughed hysterically, as I reversed into the mangroves, the leaves and half the trees exploding into the cockpit. I couldn’t help but laugh myself. The morning just wasn’t going to plan. The current kept catching us, swinging the bow around, wedging the boat between two banks.

all nestled in

But finally after two hours we got it sorted, dropped the bow anchor, deployed the stern anchor and tied ourselves into the mangroves. We made sure not to tie up where I had already damaged the mangroves 🙂 . We are anchored in a nice 4m deep hole, snuggly surrounded by peaceful, tranquil nature. Its so calm up here its almost creepy .

Beany is very excited, I am not sure she is aware of what is about to potentially happen. All she is excited about is the “special cyclone food” we will get to eat. Wouldn’t you love to be 5 !


By thursday midnight we should be seeing the edge starting to come through. On friday we will bunkered down cause it’s going to be blowing a dog off its chain !

4 thoughts on “Up the creek with a paddle

  1. Enjoying your ongoing cyclone prep posts. Good weather pic! Weather has settled into NE trades again although we had a thoroughly unpleasant unpredicted westerly yesterday.
    Cheers Janet

  2. Keep your head down and chin up possum. Will try and call on viber. Love you. Dad

  3. You guys are such troopers lovely, and I’m so proud of you for hanging in there on this journey which has not always been glamorous…. You truly are amazing hunnybunny and I will be praying for you all as this cyclone visits and that no damage will be done to your one and only home that has served you all well, take care my lovely friend xxx

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