The boy from the village

I was exhausted and disheartened, I had tried every rugby union club I could think of in Australia, sending countless emails and making too many phone calls. I had spent months and months trying to get some rugby boots donated to a very special player in a very remote fijian village, but I just couldn’t get any . I was ready to give up and then I tried one last club, a team who I had religiously followed from as young as I can remember, was about to come to the rescue. A team, who I had spent years screaming at the TV for and chanting “the ref is a wanker” everytime they got a penalty against them. A team that I would walk out on when they started to lose, because I just couldn’t handle it when they lost. A team who was now about to help one mans dream.

I arrived at the village very early and very excited. I couldn’t wait to pull the square box out of my bag, the player , standing in front of me, started to smile. He stood there and slowly read the label and his smile started to widen even further. He opened up the box and inside ,hiding under some tissue paper was a pair of brand new rugby boots in his size, generously donated by The Brisbane Broncos. A Club  that went above and beyond for a man from a remote village of fiji. I couldn’t believe our luck, and I can’t thank them enough. A pair of boots that brought a smile to one young mans face, that was so bright, it still warms my heart.

Sometimes in life, its the smallest things that stay with you. The excitement and happiness that came from one pair of boots, is something that will stay with me forever. The feeling of knowing you are helping someone out, makes your heart sing and fills your whole body with happiness.

Three days later, the young man ran out on the rugby field, with his little cheer squad cheering and his boots shinning bright. It was a close game, till the dying seconds, but his team came out on top, the crowd erupted and the Waimaro Rugby boys had won the cup. It was our first proper rugby match and let me tell you, they are very passionate and brought back the biff ! I even got to yell at the ref. I loved every moment of it, even though I had no idea what was going on. At one point a 70yr old lady went running across the field cheering and galloping with excitement. They love there rugby !

Game day

To the supporters winning the cup, was as important as the maroons winning the origin. The whole atmosphere was infectious, you couldn’t help but cheer and get behind the team. Saturday afternoon turns a sleepy little town into a bustling, excited city, people coming from all over the district to come and watch the rugby, to come and yell at the ref and to come and support their team. I am now addicted and can’t wait for the next weeks match. It dosen’t get any more fijian, then cheering your team on at a rugby game. I am a Waimaro supporter !!!!!



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