Wake boarding excitement

Who knew wake boarding could be so much fun ! This is something I have never tried before, but with our time in fiji coming to an end soon, the girls and I decided to give it a crack  and it was sooo much fun !

all smiles

Beany was straight up on her knees and screaming with excitement , yahooing and calling out , having the time of her life. AK at 4 years old, I thought there was no way she would have a turn, but as soon as Beany was off, AK jumped in and was on the board. I also didn’t think she would understand to hold on to the rope handle, but as the boat took off so did AK and she went round and round and round until her little arms gave out. I couldn’t believe how brave she was and strong !

When it was my turn I thought for sure I would be a failure and have some epic stacks, but instead I got straight to my feet and killed everybody’s fun. There was no way I was going to fall off that board, those big great white sharks were lurking, waiting for me. I was motivated to nail it first go. It was a piece of cake and so much fun to go speedy fast along the water. A day well spent and the girls couldn’t get enough of it 🙂

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