We drew blood


I am in the cockpit the kids scurring around my feet. AK steps on the water bottle, it slips out from her feet. She falls forward in a screaming heap smacking her face onto the companion way step. She starts crying immediately. I pick her up and We are both instantly covered in blood. I put her in the car seat. I yell to Slade for a rag , he throws one up to me and grabs the first aid kit. I jam the rag in Ahia-Kai’s mouth. The blood is pouring out. On first inspection It looks as if she has just bit her bottom lip. I give Slade the “A OK” to contiue waxing his surfboard. I can handle a slit lip.

We got up early this morning and joined a prossesion with two other boats out to the Ouano reef pass. Out we motored in single file and anchored just off the pass. Slade finishes up on his board and comes out to see how we are going. The blood has stopped pouring out into her mouth. That’s when I notice light coming through her lip. “Shit” I say as I look on the bottom side of her lip. She has put her teeth all the way through her bottom lip. The is also a big split down the centre of the lip with a big chunk missing. I say Shit over and over for about ten minutes while I think of what to do. We are a long way from help. I decide to just keep pressure on it. So for an hour I try keep the lip squashed together in the hope it will help. I would say it most likely should of got stitches. I gave her some panadol to help her settle down. Once she was calm I stuck the missing chunk together with a butterfly stitch clip. She ended up sucking it off so I just left it open. Once she was okay Slade took off surfing. He surfed the bag out of the reef pass. It was over head and looked to be fairly heavy. For 2 hour he surfed, while we wallowed around in the swell. Once he was done we upped anchor and headed back to the anchorage. AK picked up pretty quickly wich was good to see, the lip is still weeping continuely so we will have to keep a good eye on it. The companion way step has a big tooth print deeply imprinted on it now. I know you are all worried about the step but really it’s fine 🙂

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