Welcome to the “real world”

The bills pile up, the money empties away, two minute noodles becomes the new staple food and the fridge seems to be constantly empty.

My Mum always says to me “welcome to the real world” and to be honest the so called real world sucks. Its been 9 months since our life at sea was left. A life of the free, where there were no bills, food was bountiful from a day’s fishing, and time came and went with no rush or worry.

when swimming was lives biggest worry

How different life can be. I always wondered what land ashore with kids would be like. Our kids had only ever known boat life and yet they seem to have adapted to their school and kindy routines, where Mum doesn’t come home till late, well after they have fallen asleep, but I am struggling with this huge change.

All I seem to do is work to pay for bills, and come home to my kids in bed , dreaming of fairies and adventure. For 7years i had been at home watching my girls grow and play with happiness. I didn’t miss a moment of their lives. We lived and breathed in a space no bigger then your bathroom, but this constant closeness to my girls made us three so content.

School and kindy pick up before work !!!

Now the three of us seem so far away. I work and work and work to pay bills that constantly seem to be coming in. The girls go about their daily routine of school, kindy, homework and sleep , with out me by there side. When I ask ” how was school/kindy” all I get in return is “good”. I have no idea what they get up to these days and they’re only 5 and 7years old ! God help me when they turn 14 and 16years.


My head is constantly spinning with thoughts about ,being stuck in a mundane rat race where we live for no purpose other then to pay for electricity, food, fuel and a roof over our heads.Now this may make some of you happy and content, but for me I feel trapped. My family is stuck doing the same thing day in day out , but we  know there is a big world filled with adventure out there. Adventure that we are missing out on because we are stuck on a vicious rat wheel, going round and round in circles like robots.

These two oozing happiness, no matter what


None of this makes sense to me except for, once you jump on the rat wheel its very hard to get off. For now I have to enjoy the small things like getting to sing my girls to sleep sometimes and enjoying weekends with them, until I win life’s lottery and can get back off the rat wheel and enjoy the free life again.

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