What the hell is that !


A puss filled blister almost 4cm big hangs off AK chest, the puss sloshing around under a thin film of skin as she tries to walk. She is in unbearable pain and has more blisters of similar size across her bottom and between her legs. She is unable to lie down or sit up and all she can do is scream in sheer agony. Her back and shoulders have more little blisters scattered across them and a few have started to grow on her face.

We immediately jump on the radio and get a call out to one of the boats in the North bound fleet. We are so lucky to have a doctor in the fleet. The doctor however is in Majuro some 500 nautical miles away. He diagnoses Impetigo and recommends we get to a hospital. The nearest hospital is 150 nautical miles away. I took AK ashore in the hope there was a clinic and we got lucky, there was a clinic and there was antibiodics. We got AK started on it immediatly and gave her codiene paracetamol mix for the pain she was in.

It was heart renching the poor thing was in so much pain. To really intensify her pain, we needed to clean out the sores with alcohol and then put an antibiodic cream on them. We had no alcohol so we improvised with hand sanitiser under the Dr’s instruction. Poor AK screamed the boat down and continued to wail all night. I felt like I was torturing her, but the bacteria lives under the scab so that is the only way to clear it up. It was awful. With oral antibiodics and antibiodic cream we headed for tarrawa Kiribati. That night before we were to leave Beany started vomiting, this normally wouldnt of worried us but she had already had diarreha for the past 10 days and a fever had started. With Beany on the toilet all night we decided to wait a day before we left, to make it a bit more comfortable for her insted of heading to sea and making her seasick ontop of her sickness. We assumed she had a 48hr bug, her condition deteriorated rapidly overnight. We now had Ak in agony riddled with impetigo and Beany un-controlably vomiting and we were in the middle of nowhere…….TBC



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