Fijian Christmas

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Laughter was drifting along the breeze, the happiness of Christmas filled the air, echoing off the huge rugged mountains that surrounded us, cows and horses grazed freely on the land, while the chicke... Read More

Taking on water

  After 12 of the worst days at sea our dramas werent over. When Slade went into the locker to get parts to fix a leak in the kids bed, he noticed the cushions in the quater berth were wet. He un... Read More

Exotic laundry

The exotic places to do laundry ! The water looked like stagnant pond water with an oil coating. The fresh water spring turned into a cement tub and a rotting wood floor had been put in place. I saw t... Read More

Birthday Girls

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL SKIPPER BEANY and AK. The day started with a trip to the port de Sud shops in uptown. We brought both the girls there very own baguette. They couldn’t smile any bigger as th... Read More